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Appledore IV, Appledore V, Denis Sullivan, Draken Harald Harfagre, Galeon Andalucia, Mist of Avalon, Pride of Baltimore, US Brig Niagara, When and If, and more!

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Appledore IV

Built in 1989, Appledore IV welcomes sailors of all ages, from elementary school through adults. While this vessel, owned by BaySail, is meant for amateurs, it is anything but. In this era, BaySail was the primary means of transporting goods and passengers over long distances. When sailing on Appledore IV, students participate in a variety of hands-on activities including collecting and analyzing water, sediments and plankton samples.

Ship Specifications
Length: 85 feet sparred
Sail Area: 3,560 square feet 
Power: 135 HP diesel
Home Port: Bay City, Michigan 

Appledore V

Also owned by BaySail, Appledore V launched in 1992. While smaller than Appledore IV, this tall ship also is a great spot for beginner sailors to hone their skills. It also is a popular attraction that travels to festivals all over the U.S. and Canada. During the summer, this vessel offers a sail-training program, Windward Bound, for youth trainees to get experience tackling every aspect of running a ship. 

Ship Specifications
Length: 65 feet sparred
Sail Area: 1,444 square feet
Power: 90 HP diesel
Home Port: Bay City, Michigan 

Denis Sullivan

Welcome to the world's only standing replica of the three-masted schooner. Launched in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, in 2000 by Discover World, S/V Denis Sullivan is currently being used for leadership and team-building sails. This educational vessel, where people of all ages can learn and engage in maritime experiences, boards nearly 7,000 passengers each year. 

Ship Specifications
Length: 137 feet sparred
Sail Area: 2,798 square feet 
Power: Two 180 HP auxiliary engines
Home Port: Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Draken Harald Harfagre

Draken Harald Harfagre is the world's largest Viking ship, requiring at least 100 under oars to power it. Launched in Norway in June 2012, this vessel recently made its debut in the U.S. to re-enact the Viking discovery of the New World. Since the ship was built without a galley or below deck, the crew sleeps in tents (the vessel's only form of shelter) on the main deck.

Ship Specifications
Length: 115 feet sparred 
Sail Area: 2,798 square feet 
Power: Sail/Oars
Home Port: Haugesund, Norway

El Galeon Andalucia

Discover European sailing techniques and technology, as well as Florida history exhibits, aboard El Galeon Andalucia. This ship tells the history of Juan Ponce de Leon, the man who named Florida and the first governor of Puerto Rico. Hailing from Spain, this schooner is a replica of a 16th century wooden galleon that was part of Spain's West Indies fleet and used to carry gold and glass on long excursions. 

Ship Specifications
Length: 171 feet sparred
Sail Area: 3,668 square feet 
Home Port: Liverpool, Nova Scotia 

Mist of Avalon

The Mist of Avalon, launched by MacLean Shipbuiling in 1967 under the name of Liverpool Bay, was used to fish for cod. In 1992, when fish stocks started declining, Captain George Mainguy began converting the ship into a 19th century Grand Banks vessel. This 150-ton schooner is used in many maritime festivals, films, educational events and dock-side corporate events. 

Ship Specifications
Length: 100 feet sparred
Sail Area: 3,668 square feet 
Power: Sail/Oars
Home Port: Toronto, Ontario

Pride of Baltimore II

The Pride of Baltimore II has been sailing the world for more than 25 years, promoting good will and Baltimore pride by welcoming 100,000 people per season to deck tours, sailing charters, youth programs, private events and overnight guest crew experiences. This vessel is similar to its predecessor, Pride of Baltimore, cosmetically but has more cruising range both under sail and under power. 

Ship Specifications
Length: 157 feet sparred
Sail Area: 9,018 square feet 
Power: Two 165 HP Caterpillar diesels
Home Port: Baltimore, Maryland 

US Brig Niagara

This two-masted, square-rigged beauty preserves one of the region's most proud moments in history. Launched in 1988 on the 175th anniversary of the Battle of Lake Erie, the U.S. Brig Niagara is a replica of the relief flagship of Commodore Oliver Hazard Perry. It was one of nine ships used to defeat a British squadron of six vessels on Sept. 10, 1813, during the War of 1812. At the time, its crew consisted of 150 men and boys who manned the sails, 10 carronades and two long guns. Niagara, the third reconstruction of the original ship, is used as a vessel to not only preserve history as a historical artifact, but also the skills of square-rig seamanship as a U.S. Coast Guard Sailing School Vessel. 

Ship Specifications
Length: 198 feet sparred 
Sail Area: 11,600 square feet 
Power: Two 200 HP diesels
Home Port: Erie, Pennsylvania

When and If

This travel and leisure vessel, built for George S. Patton in 1939, is the namesake (and result) of Patton's desire that, "When the war is over, and if I live through it, Bea and I are going to sail [a ship] around the world." This tough vessel has survived for more than 75 years, despite being severely damaged during a storm in 1990, and someday its current owner Doug Hazlitt hopes to fulfill its destiny of sailing around the world. 

Ship Specifications
Length: 83 feet sparred
Sail Area: 2,700 square feet 
Power: 170 HP diesels
Home Port: New York, New York

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